James 3:13-18 Faith Makes Us Wise                      August 17th, 2015

James transitions here from the tongue to the heart. We saw that the tongue was connected to the heart and hell. James is now providing the antidote to a corrupt, selfish, envious, and jealous heart. He doesn’t pull punches with regard to our hearts.

How hard is it to be honest about my heart?

We want to believe that we are good. We say things like, “ He has a good heart” Or “Cold hands warm heart”. James says the default of our nature (worldly wisdom) is selfishness. He goes on to attach selfishness to selfish ambition. I understand selfish ambition as my need to be better than everyone else.

He reminds that selfish ambition equals disorder and evil practice. This is sobering, because when I think of evil practice I think of Bourbon Street or Vegas. I don’t think of it simply as selfish ambition. James has simplified evil for us… Simply, it is being given over to our selfish hearts.

James has connected our tongue to our heart and hell and now connects our wisdom to Heaven. It reminds me of what Jesus said to Peter when he confessed Jesus as Christ, “ That was given from above”. James then defines wisdom in an interesting way. He connects purity and the fruit of the Holy Spirit to heavenly wisdom. But most strikingly he connects it ultimately to peacemaking.

When I pray for wisdom I don’t expect God to say that the wise thing to do is make peace, but it is what James says.

Am I working to make peace?


Help me to become wise. Help me to trust you with people and not to try and manipulate situation or people. Help me to lead my people rightly. Help me to trust you with the harvest. Send us mo

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