Timing Is Everything

What if your destiny was before you? What if you had God’s blessing, God’s plan, God’s future, but the only catch was that you had to kill someone? That someone was an ungrateful and selfish person, a person who wouldn’t be missed. A person who God had cursed… What would you do? No judge, no jury, no law, just you.

Early in his life, David was faced with this opportunity. David had been anointed King of Israel, was loved by Israel, and was the apparent heir to the throne, but he wasn’t on the throne. Ironically, he was running for his life and being chased by the man on the throne. Hold that “on the Throne” thought, it gets better.

The story goes that David and his 600 friends are hiding in a cave when Saul and his 3000 warriors ride into town (or desert). Saul finds the need for a potty break and chooses a local cave. “On the throne”…. Do you get it? It happens that the cave Saul chooses to sit “on the throne” in is the very cave where he could have lost the Throne. David and his men are in that cave. David, with the urging of his friends and an urge for destiny, approaches the King in the darkness, while he is vulnerable. This must be destiny for David… God had finally given his enemy into his hand. David was going to seal the deal. No more caves, no more fear, no more struggle. David would be king, Saul would be dead, and the hand of God would prevail. It appeared that this was the best move for David, the best move for the nation, and most importantly the best for God.

David sneaks to Saul’s side, pulls his dagger and cuts! The cut wasn’t fatal. It wasn’t even hurtful. David cut just a small portion of the evil King’s robe. I am sure David’s friends where frustrated. Saul leaves and David follows. After Saul had cleared the cave and was far below, David yells to get his attention and reveals to Saul the portion of his robe. The dialogue suggests that Saul is guilted by David’s honor and dignity; however, we must note that David’s honor and dignity is rooted not in his obedience to an ancient code of ethics, but in his trust in God and his timing. Notice what David says,

“May the LORD judge between me and you, may the LORD avenge me against you, but my hand shall not be against you.”

It appears that David is destined for this moment, but the truth is that David would be murdering the father of his best friend, the King of his nation, and the Lord’s anointed, which would be sin! So David trusted God and His timing.

In a world where timing is everything, timing is the lesson. Timing is something much more than watching your watch or following the rules. Timing is trusting God with your enemies, your future, your husband or wife, or the one to be.

Are you trusting God with the timing of your life?

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