I would like to give you some essential information about the skitreat. The most important is about clothing and weather conditions.


The weather is shaping up to be great! It is currently snowing at Winterplace. When the snow is done tonight, they expect four inches of new snow. That, however, is only the beginning has forecasted incredible ski conditions for Winterplace on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They are expecting cold temperatures on Saturday and Sunday, by cold I mean a high of 25-28 degrees and lows in the 15 degree range. They are also expecting snow over the weekend, the amount of snow is still undecided, but it will most likely be around 1-3 inches. You can stay up on the weather, here.


The cold temperatures and weather conditions are awesome for snowing and snowmaking. Since the temps will not get above freezing for the 48 hour window, it is likely that Winterplace will be making snow with snow machines. This is good, but also can make skiing a little more brisk. For instance, many of you have ridden a jet ski or boat in the rain, if you have you know that rain in the face hurts a bit. Skiing beside a snow machine is a very similar experience, therefore it is essential to have eye protection, hence the goggles. If you don’t have goggles and can’t find them around town you can buy them at the resort for $35 or so. Another good option to the snow making is what I call a “bank robber boggin”(baklava mask). See my pictures below for how to wear it with style.

On another note, I would throw an extra fleece in the suitcase for night skiing. At night when the temperature drops in the low teens it may be necessary to put on an extra fleece under your ski jacket. It is also necessary to have a good pair of waterproof gloves and an extra pair of wool socks. The most likely things to get cold are your feet and hands, especially when you get wet and if you are a new skier you will get wet! For those of you who need gloves I have a limited supply of extra gloves. They are first come first serve.


Our lodging is at The Resort at Glade Springs-

And our skiing is at Winterplace Ski Resort



Noon- Depart from CALG-(Eat Lunch Before)


6 p.m.- Arrive Home

What to Bring

Bible, Pen, Paper, Warm Clothes, 2 pair of shoes, plenty of sock, jacket, toiletries, small backpack, swimsuit, ski clothes, $50-$75, and a good attitude.

We are going to have a great time and the weather is going to be perfect!

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