Ode to Joy

Well before I go too far, I must confess that this week’s blog isn’t written by Dustin but by me, Lindsey, his wife. Dustin has been encouraging me for weeks to do a “guest blog” so finally I conceded.

On Sunday nights we have church at our Downtown campus, then we go eat, then we go back to the house for college life group, so needless to say on Sunday nights we are not home for an extended period of time. So upon arriving at home last night we were greeted by a yard full of toilet paper. It was in the trees, bushes, satellites, and even my scarecrows were clothed in it (as well as the Angel Soft packaging). As I get out of the car, I watch as my precious little boy begins to run circles around the yard screaming, “It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” He is absolutely overjoyed at the fact of having a white, toilet paper-wrapped yard. He then looks out at the college students that are arriving at the house, spreads his arms out wide, dramatically leans back head to the sky and yells, “Happy Holidays!!!!!” By now I am in tears laughing so hard at the sight of my 4 year-old reacting this way to our yard getting rolled. To him it isn’t just a mess we are going to have to begrudgingly clean up before it rains again, he doesn’t see it as an eye sore for the neighbors, he sees it as “Beautiful!”

As some of you know, being a parent can get awful messy at times. Whether it’s changing a nasty diaper, to wiping who knows what from your kids hands and face, to eloquently explaining how you get a baby out of your belly (the G-rated version of course!) parenting is some messy business! But when I ponder Tucker’s complete joy over our yard getting rolled, it struck me that I too must find joy in the messes of life. I should rejoice as I’m cooking supper, feeding Ellie, chasing Tuck and Charleigh out of the pantry, and telling Dustin where he left his wallet (all at the same time of course). And while that may sound silly, it is true. This is the life that God has so richly blessed me with and while yes I find great joy in the big things, I must also find great joy in the little, everyday, messy things of life. Why? Because this is part of the abundant life Jesus came to give. (John 10:10) So as we go through the terrible twos, or threes, or teens, we must remember to rejoice in the gift of parenthood, because lets face it, there is nothing else that compares!

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.

Philippians 4:4


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