New Relationships Series!


I wanted to drop you a brief line about the upcoming sermon series that will begin on January 9th for CALG students. The series is titled “Relationships” and will last 5 weeks.

The series will discuss what most all students find most intriguing…. sex, dating, the opposite sex, and Jesus. As we journey through this series we will take a look at the stories and the promises that God gives in relation to our relationships. Do you like how I did that “in relation to relationships”?

We will discuss sex and sexual sin which may be a tough or mature topic for some students, but the majority of our focus will be on what we are striving to be, who we are striving to marry, and who’s we truly are

My hope is that as we journey through this series we will grow to see ourselves more clearly and Christ more clearly, thus understanding His great love for us His Bride!

As a disclaimer the first week of the series will deal exclusively with sex, sexual sin, and the biblical grounds for sex. We will see how sex God’s way is beneficial and good, but sex our way is destructive and bad. Parents if you feel that your child is not ready for this topic, do know that I trust your judgment and know that you will seek the best interest for your child.

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