Moms, Prepare For Battle

A special post from a special mommy for Mother’s Day! IMG_0820As Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, I happened to be finishing up reading through Ephesians today and God spoke to me through something in chapter 6. Now the chapter starts out with the well-known section about children and parents how children are to obey their parents (hands up on that one!) and fathers must “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” This was good stuff, but not what really struck me, it was later in the chapter when Paul talks about the armor of God.

Yes, I know, a lot of times as parents we feel like we have to suit up like we’re going to battle against our kids (unfortunately for us the kids always seem better armored lol). But instead of suiting up to battle against our kids’ bad attitudes or behaviors, what if we suited up to battle with them? Verses 14-18 of Ephesians chapter 6 discuss the putting on the full armor of God. Now when I read it today, it was with a mother’s worrisome heart so the perspective was along the lines of interacting with my children.IMG_0819

First in verse 14 we must put on the belt of truth. What we teach to our children and live out in front of them must be truth. They work in a black and white world so clarity is crucial. But we mustn’t forget that how we instruct and interact with our children must be hinged on God’s Word because it is THE truth.

The breastplate of righteousness is pivotal to how we react and respond to our children in both good and bad situations. We must remain in right-standing with God first of all, but also with them. Our integrity must be maintained; we do what we say. Our yes is yes and our no is no. As we teach our kids the way of righteousness, they must see it in our lives daily.

The readiness of the gospel of peace must be the shoes for our feet. We must be quick to respond with peace rather than quick to respond with anger (this one really gets me). The Gospel is good news that brings peace to the wearied soul. Mothers, who is it that really determines the peace in the household? Here’s a hint, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” We must be ready to respond to situations as needed, but not forget to restore peace as we see Jesus do.

The shield of faith is one that seems so easy to remember, but hard to pick up sometimes. Regardless of how hard parenting can be at times, we must remember our faith in Christ. Looking back I remember what He has saved me from, and brought me through, and I must remember that He will continue to do the same for me and my children. He is faithful, so I can place my faith in Him to equip me and Dustin to raise our children. I can also have faith that He will prepare their little hearts to one day receive Him.

Which leads to the helmet of salvation. I sin against my children often it seems (don’t judge me because you do it too!) Sometimes I swallow my pride and apologize and seek forgiveness from them, but more times that not, I just go on. Which means that later I feel guilty which ultimately leads me to think that I’m not a good mom and I have no business parenting because I have no idea what I’m doing. Ugh! It changes my thinking of my circumstances and myself. However, if I keep on the forefront of my thoughts that Christ’s salvation has freed me from my guilt, and I allow that knowledge to transform my thinking, then it transforms my actions and attitude (which of course makes for a much more effective mom).

The sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, is the ammo, of course not against our kids, but for their protection. I need to wash them in the Word so that when life comes at them, they know what the Truth is and are equipped to respond in Righteousness. (See, it all ties in together.) The thing is that I must know it and let it equip me to respond in righteousness too.

Finally in verse 18 it speaks of “praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.” I must bathe my family in prayer, vigilantly praying for their hearts and minds in the present days and the ones to come. Praying that God will guide us through this thing called parenting in which we are continually learning and making the necessary adjustments. But to take it further, Paul also calls us to make supplication for all the saints. So since this is Mother’s Day weekend I want to call you to remember your fellow mothers in prayer. We are all facing the same struggles, the same battles, and also the same victories so let us lift each other up to our heavenly Father. And let us continually encourage each other as we take these daily steps along the glorious path of motherhood.

If you look back to verse 13 of Ephesians 6 it says:

“Therefore take up the whole armor of God,that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.”

We must stand firm in who our Savior is. We must stand firm in raising our children biblically in an unbiblical world. We must stand firm in trusting God with our children’s future. We must stand firm in the knowledge that God chose us for the blessed job as a mother to the children He gave us. And we must stand firm in showing them who God is through who He is in us. IMG_0760

So…do you need armor for motherhood? By all means Yes! Just make sure your putting on the armor that protects and equips you for every battle.

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