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Yesterday I read an ebook by Pastor Mark Driscoll called Puff or Pass: Should Christians Smoke Pot or Not? The book obviously has an interesting and engaging title and the book is very short only 38 pages. The combination of a controversial subject and the length of the book make it a must read for any curious individual. So I read it!

As many of you may have noticed recreational pot has been legalized in several states, the latest of these being Colorado. But you may be asking, “Is pot an issue for the southern conservative states?” Others might ask, “Will pot ever be considered for legalization here?” Regardless, the foundational question remains, “Is it biblically wrong to smoke pot?” For most, our initial reaction would be, “Of course it is wrong!” I would remind everyone that we must be certain of our position on the issue. We must honestly acknowledge that even among Christians the pot position varies.

For instance I have had numerous conversations with Christians in Alabama about the fact that the Bible doesn’t explicitly discuss pot. It does discuss sorcery and drunkenness, but not pot. I also found that a prominent Christian leader is cited as a proponent of legal recreational pot use (Driscoll cites him in the book). Not to mention that the internet is full of pro-pot research (and propaganda) suggesting that pot isn’t as destructive as alcohol or tobacco.

Driscoll pulls together a good combination of research, perspective, and Bible to help Christians understand the pot issue. He provides many if not all positions on the issue. The research is insightful, the articles cited are surprising, and the honesty is refreshing. It isn’t until the last page of the book that he reveals his position on marijuana. Though the book is focused on pot the book also provides a framework for thinking biblically on difficult issues.

Here is link to the book for your reading pleasure: Puff or Pass Book

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