I Love Adventure!

I am someone who loves adventure. When I was a freshman in college, I went on a great adventure. My friends and I were very uneducated on the practice of hiking. We had little experience with carrying all that we would need to brave the elements and treacherous terrain of the Great Smokey Mountains. We also had no understanding or experience with the reading of topographical maps or determining the grade of terrain. We had no comprehension of the strength, endurance, and difficulty that would be required of us on that Thanksgiving weekend in the Great Smokey Mountains. We; however, discovered and learned much of hiking, survival, but most importantly the greatness of God and the vastness of His creations. We began our journey by hiking thirteen miles downhill. After completing the long day of downhill, we set up our cheap, poorly waterproofed tents for the night while boasting of the great time we made on our thirteen-mile journey. The next morning at 5 A.M., we awoke to thunder, lighting, wet sleeping bags, clothes, and packs. We hastily packed up our belongings and began what would be one of the most incredibly miserable days of my life. We hiked for what seemed like days, uphill in the rain all while the air temperature continued to drop. As we reached the top of the first major ridge, an incredibly strong arctic wind chilled my already soaked bones. I looked and noticed that my soaked boots, gloves, and jacket had become ice and the annoying rain had now become deadly and frightening snow. I will never forget that day; I will never forget that wind. I will never forget the understanding I gained that day when I realized that God was an incredibly huge God and He had power over an incredibly huge earth, and that I could be destroyed by these powers at any moment.

Our understanding of God is often limited by our experience of God, but it should not be. In the next few days I will be blogging on a great passage in the book of Revelation. I have posted the Scripture below, if you want to read ahead. Over the week, it is my hope that we may become more aware of God, what He has done for us, who He is, and the hope that we have in Him.


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