Intro to James

Introduction to James                                                           July 20th, 2015


James is the half-brother of Jesus.

He was the leader of the Christian assembly in Jerusalem.

James book is a difficult book. I find many parallels with the Sermon on the Mount( Matthew 5). James book is somewhat circular and redundant.

I find the narrative of James proclaiming his brother as God and ultimately dying for that confession to be compelling. History tells us that in A.D. 62 James was martyred for confessing that Jesus was God. The story goes that James was pushed from the top of the temple and then, stoned and clubbed to death by a crowd of religious leaders.

I believe that though the book is often focused on as a book of deeds or “works”, the book is actually a book about the genuineness of faith and how that faith is proven in the midst of suffering, persecution, and pressure. I like to take the book as “James: Faith Under Pressure”.

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