The Super Bowl was super! The most super point of the comeback was that the 49ers where aided by a blackout in the Super Dome while playing the Super Bowl. It appeared that just portions of the stadium lost power or that back up power systems provided adequate lighting, but nevertheless darkness aided the 49ers.


I can imagine the hysteria that occurred as a result of the black out, because I once experienced a blackout. The blackout occurred on a dark and dreary night in Gadsden. The severe thunderstorm season of Alabama was in full swing when this severe thunderstorm, including hail, lighting, and damaging wind blew across the northern corner of Alabama striking one of the highest concentrations of people on a Thursday night… Wal-Mart.


I was in Wal-Mart doing what every good American does at Wal-Mart, returning a DVD to Redbox, when it happened… boom, crash, and darkness covered all of Wal-Mart inside and out. Wal-Mart security (yeah those people you’ve seen tackle shoplifters as they step over the threshold into the parking lot) emerged quickly to guard the exits. Meanwhile I heard horrific and blood curdling screams throughout the building. It was truly freaky. So I did what any good weather brain in North Alabama would do, I tweeted the man, the myth, the legend: James Spann. James the local weatherman retweeted and I left Wal-Mart unharmed.


Nevertheless, allow me to make my point, it is difficult to see in the dark and sight is necessary. In the book of 1 John I noticed an interesting statement. It says this,


“Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when He appears we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him as He is.”

-1 John 3:2


As I attempted to memorize this verse, I was taken back by it. It is loaded with position and application for believers.


The first is simple. Sin makes us doubt the love of God. John makes a point in this verse to tell us that we are God’s children now! Thus, John destroys the conscious inside of the believer that condemns them saying, “ Your not good enough! Your too far gone!”


Secondly the verse reveals that our ability to overcome sin is directly related to our view of Jesus and our present state on Earth of being obstructed with sin. John uses the metaphor darkness, thus my lengthy introduction on darkness. Allow me to now translate me. If I am struggling with sin or hardship, the way to overcome that hardship is not to focus on it, but to focus on Christ.


Lastly, the verse assures us that as believers our desire should be to become sinless like Christ. According to John the mark of a true believer is that they acknowledge their sinfulness in the current state, trust Jesus to cleanse them, and strive to become sinless like Christ.


Do you believe that Jesus is the only hope for you to overcome sin?

Are you focusing on Jesus to overcome your sin?

If so, you are a child of God now. If not, you never will be.

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