Charleigh’s Help Event…

My wife just had our third child and while she was pregnant, she was pregnant! I mean she was exceptionally pregnant, thus limited on agility. That being said, I love my children! They teach me so much about myself, God, and the graciousness of His cross. If you have followed this blog at any level you will know that I learn and write often as a result of my children, this day is no different.

A few afternoons ago, my beautifully pregnant wife purchased groceries at the Walmarts. She arrived home from the Walmarts moments before I arrived with a pickup truck full of children’s finger paintings, metal, ropes, partially eaten food, and my two children. As I unloaded my children and their necessities for daycare, I noticed that my wife’s car door was open and that grocery bags were present. As any good husband would do, I proceeded to her car and loaded myself down with grocery bags like a pack mule. Within seconds of securing my load of groceries, my precious little flirt of a daughter ran to my leg with her hands outstretched saying, “I help you! I help you!” If you know Charleigh, you know that she is as stubborn as her father and as charming as her mother, thus I immediately sought a bag that she could carry. She needed a bag that was lightweight and not breakable! In a split second my mind processed the bags, “Milk? No! Sugar? No! Canned Food? No!” It seemed that every bag “pack mule Dad” was carrying included something heavy or something that would make a huge mess if dropped, so I assumed the risk and settled on a 2 lb. bag of frozen beans. At first I tried to hold the bag while she held it and walked alongside me to which she responded, “I do it by myself! I do it by myself!” You remember she is both charming and stubborn? I released the bag from my grasp and she carried the bag two steps and dropped it on the sidewalk. She didn’t give up though, she picked the bag up again and said, “You hold my hand! You hold my hand!” I patiently took my little girl’s hand cherishing her effort and led her up the front steps into our home. From that point, Charleigh drug the frozen lima beans across our hardwood floors to the kitchen. Then she ran off to play.

As I reflected on my thoughts and on the happenings of the “Charleigh’s help event”, I was reminded that I could have made my life easier by just ignoring her. If I would have ignored her she would have cried a moment and then forgotten about everything. Her mind would have quickly moved to the next task or toy, but the time I spent helping my daughter help me was necessary and is necessary for all of us. We all need someone to help us, to teach us, and to carry us when we can’t carry us. The more I understand the Bible and attempt to grow to be like my Father in Heaven, the more I see an impossible task before me. It is a task that I fail at. Sometimes I fail within two steps of receiving the burden and sometimes I fail after many steps, but every time I fail to love and lead my family, every time I fail in ministry, every time I fail to handle a situation correctly, every time I hurt someone, I find my Father present doing the work with me. Cleaning up my mess, which always includes me.

I fell upon an encouraging passage this weekend. Here it is, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them”.

God is working in those who follow Jesus.

God has work for those who follow Jesus.

God works with those who do his work.

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