Afraid of the Dark…

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This afternoon after I put Tucker and Charleigh down for naps and carefully laid Ellie down still wrapped up snugly in her blanket, I found the house very quiet and peaceful (something that doesn’t happen often with my three lovelies). There was worship music softly playing from Tuck’s room, as it helps him to go to sleep. So I took the opportunity to sit on the couch and study my Bible, which is something that honestly is hard for me to manage most days. I was drawn to read Psalm 27 due to it coming up in discussions from college life group the night before. And as I read the first verse, a new understanding, or clarity, came to me.

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?

The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

I have heard and read this passage many times before, however, as I read it today I really allowed myself to ponder what this really meant. Now, I’m definitely not a theologian, and many times my “interpretation” of scripture is off compared to other commentaries, but God really spoke theses words into the depths of my heart. What does it mean for The Lord to be my light, my salvation, and my stronghold and why is this connected to fear?

Well, if The Lord is my light, then the darkness around me is gone. How many times do we have more fear simply because it is dark? I know I’m much more fearful in the dark. But what is it about the darkness that is really terrifying? Like the darkness of sin and failure, of brokenness and sorrow. I think this is the darkness that we really fear. So if The Lord Himself is my light then there is no reason to fear darkness. His light exposes it, but also comforts us through it even when it is the darkness of our own sin. Where there is light there is the absence of darkness, thus He restores us.

I think we all can comprehend The Lord being our salvation because of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection; however, when David was penning these words, it was many years before Christ walked the earth. So what did he mean by it? He knew what turmoil was; he was familiar with destruction and loss and brokenness, so here he is stating his dependence on the Father. If The Lord is my salvation then no matter what devastation I may face, He is there to lift me up and save me. The end result of any tragedy will be Him graciously protecting me and saving me. Do I still have to endure the struggles? Yes, but knowing that He has set my course and I am secure in Him causes the fear of the unknown to fade, because it is not unknown to Him and it is not out of His control and I can find comfort in that.

The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Stronghold here can also be interpreted as refuge. I can take refuge in Him. When the battle wages on, when the world is trying to drag me through the dirt, when it feels that Satan himself is crouching right outside my door waiting to pounce, I am safe. If The Lord is the refuge of my life, then He is the safe place I can rest; that no matter what war is waging outside, His walls will withstand and protect me.

We don’t have to fear the struggles we are currently facing or the ones yet to come because His light destroys the darkness, His salvation assures our outcome, and His stronghold can withstand the battle.


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