A Wise Faith

James 1:5-8- A Wise Faith                            July 20th, 2015

James is clearly talking about the gift of wisdom that comes only by foolish faith in the unseen God. One commentator links James’s use of “ faith wisdom” to Paul’s use of “mystery”. He says, “ The faith, which comes from God alone, is like a door that had once been shut, but has now been opened. What was once a mystery has now been disclosed to the world.” James uses vivid metaphor for faith and doubt. James says, “A double minded man is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind”, I see someone standing in a boat while it rocks in the wind and waves. The person can’t balance, work, or do anything productive. The person is also in danger of going overboard or being thrown against the boat. His point is that faith is the essential ingredient to the Christian life and consequently, the faith must be single minded and focused on God. We must trust.


When things around me swirl help me to be single-minded. Help me to be focused on you and the wisdom that only you can give.

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